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Beckenham Swimming Club


Beckenham Swimming Club welcomes you to its web site. We hope that you will find all the information that you require about our club, which has been established since 1893.

All our members are valued and it is always exciting for us to have new members as this brings in enthusiasm, passion and talent. We wish every member personal success in their swimming.

With over 300 members, Beckenham Swimming Club is a very successful swimming club and our members have gained success swimming at Club, County, District, National and International levels. We also have a Masters section for over 19 year olds and a very strong Waterpolo section running Men’s, Women’s, Junior and Mini teams.

Our coaches are professional and dedicated in the art of coaching to ensure every swimmer reaches their potential. In return, we expect dedicated commitment from every swimmer.

Further information about the squads, locations and training times can be found on the SQUADS web page. For more information or to speak to us about joining Beckenham Swimming Club, please contact the membership secretary ( or come along to The Spa in Beckenham on a Monday night to watch eight of our squads train between 6pm and 10pm. The membership secretary helps coordinate and run a number of trials for new members throughout the year.





Beckenham SC International Open Meet 2014

10th and 11th May 2014.

Level 1 Licensed Long Course Open Meet,


License No. 1LR4343 Saturday, 10 May and Sunday, 11 May 2014

To be held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (CPNSC).

Closing date for entries Friday, 28 March 2014 (midnight).


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To enter your swimmer(s) electronically please click on the boxes below to download (Save to your computer) the files you will need. You might want to download them to your ‘Desktop’. Please also print off the “Getting Started” file below, as it gives a Step-By-Step guide on how to make your entries.

Electronic Entry - Getting Started notes for guidance

After reading the guidance notes, use the image links below to:

• Download and install the Entry Manager program

• View the quick start video

• Import the "Entry File Set" for this competition.

Download the SPORTSYSTEMS entry manager for SPORTSYSTEMS Meet Organisation 5.3 here Download Entry Files for the Beckenham SC 2010 Open Meet View the Video: How to use SportsSystems Entry Manager V2.0

Any general enquiries should be addressed to the event oganiser:

The Beckenham SC Open Meet Secretary


The Marcus Humphrey-Gaskin Trophy

20th February 2014

Marcus first started swimming competitively for Beckenham Swimming Club in April 2001 at the age of ten. He was placed in Club Squad and soon his coach has become aware of many of Marcus’s qualities, some of which included reliability, commitment, discipline, focus and determination. He was also incredibly courteous and well-mannered and with a happy disposition.

Marcus has only been at the Club for a couple of months and his coach already started presenting him as an example of what she was expecting from her squad.

Marcus continued swimming for the Club for a total of 8 years and it has always been his intention to return after his studies to swim in the Masters. During his time at the Club, he has taken part in various swimming competitions, in particular the Areana League, where he gained points for his Club.

Marcus left in 2009 to study at the University of Sheffield. Sadly, he passed away in March 2011 aged 20 while in the 2nd year of his studies.

The committee of Beckenham Swimming Club have kindly set up a trophy in Marcus’s memory to reward swimmers with those same qualities and for this gesture, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It is with great delight that we present the trophy to a swimmer who has the same qualities as Marcus. The inaugural winner of the Marcus Humphrey-Gaskin Trophy for the Ultimate Club swimmer is Harry Ingamells.

Harry Ingamells winner of the Marcus Humphrey-Gaskin Trophy for the Ultimate Club swimmer, with Maria Humphrey-Gaskin

Luke Gunning presenting Maria with a Thank you Bouquet, and Fiona Peasron who delivered the speech.



Peter Sutherland – Winner of the Edward G. Maples Memorial Trophy 2013

10th February 2014

Peter Sutherland of Beckenham Swimming Club has been awarded the Kent County Amateur Swimming Association Edward G. Maples Memorial Trophy. This trophy is awarded annually to any club officials, administrator or voluntary worker in Kent whose services to the disciplines of swimming are worthy of recognition.

The award was presented to Peter by Kay Grimshaw, President of the Kent ASA. In its nomination.

Beckenham Swimming Club had this to say about Peter: “Peter has run our successful and popular Masters section single-handedly for a great many years and his effectiveness in the role, together with the continued success and popularity of Masters swimming, make him a tremendous volunteer asset to our club. Peter has not only been a Past President of the club, but is also a Life Member and himself an active Masters competitor. He is the driving force behind Masters swimming at Beckenham and is a major influence on Masters swimming in the wider area.

His success and desire to encourage ‘younger’ Masters has been a success not only in itself, but has enabled him to retain many older swimmers in the pool. This broad age profile reflects the depth of interest in Masters swimming at Beckenham and is a testament to Peter’s lifetime dedication to the sport.”

Beckenham Swimming Club would like to congratulate Peter on this award. If you wish to find out more about Masters swimming at Beckenham, please contact Peter at


World Schools Games 2013 in Brazil

2nd December 2013

Luke Gunning, Natasha Sinha and Kunmi Ogunfeibo of Beckenham Swimming Club represented England at the World Schools Games in Brazil from 29th November - 3rd December 2013. England boys were third overall and the girls were first.


Beckenham Masters Swim the Straits of Gibraltar

25th September 2013

On 25 Sep 2013, Suzie, Louise and John completed the 14.4km swim in 4hrs 21mins. However, allowing for the strong currents off the Moroccan coast, they in fact covered 18km. Suzie is now the 409th swimmer to complete this epic swim without a wet suit, as certified by the Gibraltar Swimming Association and Louise 410th!

The swimmers were led by a pilot boat, which was in continuous radio contact with all the nearby shipping, allowing them a safe passage without any collisions. Apparently, 300 ships pass through the Straits of Gibraltar each day in addition to the numerous ferries between Spain and Morocco. A rib boat travelled beside the swimmers which allowed the support team (Lianna & Kit) to pass the various high energy food gels to the swimmers every 30mins. During these food stops (max of 1 minute), the swimmers were not allowed to touch the boat - if they'd done so they would have been disqualified.

Local marine life was restricted to dolphins and the odd flying fish and no sharks or jellies were spotted. The average water temperature was 21C but reduced to a surprisingly chilly 17C off the Moroccan coast. The waters were crystal clear during the swim i.e. unlike the very polluted waters they'd experienced during their English Channel relay swim. A small crowd of Moroccan locals gathered to applaud the swimmers as the finally touched the rocks. Job done!

Finally, many thanks for the generous donations to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The donations have exceeded the initial target of £1000 and has now reached £2000+, so well done everybody, including the swimmers!

Left to Right - Lianna, John, Suzie (Beckenham), Louise (Beckenham) & Kit


Emily Grant Platinum Squad & Beckenham Water Polo Player

9th September 2013

Congratulations to Emily Grant who played for the GB 17/UN Water Polo team at the Tri Nations tournament, Glasgow in August, against the senior Welsh and Scottish teams. The GB girls beat the Welsh convincingly and the Scots by a close 1 goal to win the trohpy. Emily also played in the Isopolo tournament in Bursa, Turkey where the girls came back with a silver medal.

The British Gas GBR under 17 Water Polo team


Nationals success for Beckenham Swimming Club

24th July 2013.

The 2012-13 swimming season may be drawing to its conclusion, but it is all smiles at Beckenham Swimming Club as Tony Beckley, the head coach, prepares to take the biggest team of qualifiers from the club to the national age group and youth championships later this month.

Twenty swimmers, aged 11 to 19, have qualified in races ranging from 100m sprints to 2km open water events. Beckley will be taking 6 swimmers to the age group championships in Sheffield – the most who have attended at this level in any one year – with 14 swimmers participating in the youth championships.

Beckley says that the size of the team is testament to all the hard work the swimmers have put in during training, with some youngsters training up to 20 hours a week.

“These swimmers are incredibly focused and really work hard on their training and performance and, in the end, that kind of commitment pays off,” said Beckley. He is particularly pleased that clear talent is emerging among some of the club’s younger swimmers and the future looks good for BSC.

Although the head coach is thrilled to be taking such a large team to Ponds Forge in Sheffield, he is also delighted that four of his swimmers are tasting international success this year. Luke Gunning is participating in the European Youth Olympics in Utrecht for GB, and Lauren Walton has already swum in Portugal for GB. In November, Gunning will be joined by Kunmi Ogunfeibo and Natasha Sinha at the World Schools Championships in Rio de Janeiro.

The club also participated in the B Finals of the National Arena League in Cardiff, beating some substantially larger clubs on a day of strong performances.

"All in all, it has been quite a special season,” says Beckley, who is hoping to build on these foundations with more great swims next year.

If you would like to know more about Beckenham Swimming Club, please contact the Membership Secretary on


Beckenham Swimming Club AGM 2013

5th June 2013

The Beckenham Swimming Club AGM took place on the 5th June 2013, the new committee structure can be found on the Committee webpage. Many thanks to all the new, remaining and outgoing committee members without whom the club would not exist.

  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 016
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 017
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 018
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 019
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 023
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 024
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 025
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 026
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 027
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 028
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 029
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 030
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 031
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 032
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 033
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 034
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 035
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 036
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 038
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 039
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 040
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 041
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 042
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 043
  • BECKENHAM Agm 2013 044



Lauren Walton secures Euro juniors qualification

18th May 2013

Lauren Walton

Lauren Walton, from Beckenham Swimming Club, has recently taken part in her first international competition for Great Britain, achieving selection for the European Junior Championships, which take place in Turkey this July 2013.

On Saturday May 18, Lauren was one of a group of British swimmers who took part in the Portuguese Open Water Nationals. She was accompanied by British Swimming officials, leaving her two sisters and parents back in Britain. She was very nervous but excited at the same time.

The weather conditions were less than favourable and not quite what Lauren had expected from Portugal: cold, wet and with winds of 30km an hour.

“They smothered us in animal fat, in the hope it might keep us warm - it stunk like crazy! Soon it was time to enter the water which was beyond freezing,” says Lauren. “A horn sounded and we were off, both sexes together. All I could see were bodies, arms and legs, and I got jostled a fair bit. I started to swim and soon got into a steady rhythm. I had no idea how I was doing or where I was in the pack.”

The conditions were extreme and a number of swimmers from Britain and elsewhere did give up, some quite soon after the race began.

“I felt OK until about 7.5km when the cold really began to kick in,” says Lauren. “Gradually I found it harder to move my arms over my head and at times I found myself intermittently swimming on my back to get some relief. I just kept thinking about all the support I’d had back home from my coach, friends and family. No way was I giving up. Finally I hit the finish pad - I was so relieved to climb out of the water, but so happy that I’d completed my first ever 10km swim.

Lauren was the third female British swimmer to finish in her first Open Water International. As a result she has been selected to compete in Turkey this July.

Also competing on the European stage this summer will be Luke Gunning, another Beckenham swimmer, who qualified to swim in Utrecht at the European Youth Olympics in March at the British International Open in Leeds. Luke already holds national titles at both 100m and 200m Butterfly.

In what has been a stellar season for Beckenham, three of the club’s swimmers – Michael Gunning, Lauren Walton and Kunmi Ogunfeibo - will be taking parting the British Championships this summer. These championships are the trials for the World Championships. And three have also had their places confirmed at a world schools championships in Brazil in November. They are Luke Gunning, Natasha Sinha and Kunmi Ogunfeibo.

Tony Beckley, the head coach, is thrilled with all that his swimmers have achieved. “They have all worked so hard, and this gives us a great platform to build on throughout the club.”


Click here to read the report in the Newshopper


London Region Youth Swimming Championships

4/5th May 2013

Beckenham Swimming Club enjoyed a very successful weekend at the London Region Youth Championships at Crystal Palace on May 4-5. As well as a crop of good individual performances, five of Beckenham’s relay teams qualified for the National Swimming Championships in Sheffield in late July and early August. The women’s open 4x100m freestyle, and 4 x 200m freestyle teams secured their place in the championships, as did the Men’s Open 4 x100m freestyle, 4 x 200m freestyle and 4 x 100m medley relay teams.

Tony Beckley, the BSC head coach, is delighted by the swimmers’ success and hopes that even more may qualify before the July 1 Youths deadline. “With these relay teams, we will be taking about 13 swimmers to Sheffield and the number may increase yet. I am really pleased with what they have achieved through hard work.”

Beckley has high hopes for some of the younger relay teams, who will be competing at Crystal Palace in the London Region Bagcat Championships in early June. The recent successes follow a busy few months for the club, including its participation in the Arena National League Swimming Finals in Cardiff last month. The club punched way above its weight and achieved some very commendable results.

Beckley also took six swimmers to Leeds in March for the British International Open Championships, at which Lauren Walton and Luke Gunning were selected for international honours. Lauren will be taking part in an open water event in Portugal for GB this month, and Luke will represent his country in the European Youth Olympics in Utrecht in June.


The National Arena Swimming League B FINAL (2012/13)

22nd April 2013

Beckenham Swimming Club returned again to compete in the National Arena League B Final, Cardiff. Well done to all the swimmers who competed for the Club, it was an exhilarating and exciting afternoon. The event was fast and furious, and overall BSC placed a respectable and creditable 8th place against Clubs many of whom are large City Squads. The overall standings were as follows:








City of Salford



Stockport Metro



Ealing Swimming Club



Rushmoor Royals


6 Warrington Warriors 252
7 County Derby 236
8 Beckenham SC 233
9 Windsor 217
10 City of Cambridge 183


The team had a great start to the gala and BSC had some great swims throughout the afternoon with a number of personal best times achieved. The events were swum in the age groups 11/u, 13/u, 15/u and open. A particular well done to all those who finished in the top three in their events:






Kunmi Ogunfeibo


Boys /UN 100m Backstroke


Michael Gunning


Mens Open 100m Butterfly


Tamara Eliot


Girls 13 / UN 100m Backstroke


Luke Gunning


Boys 15/UN 100m Butterfly


Sophie Lewis-Ward


Girls 13 /UN 100m Freestyle


Harold Pearson


Boys 15 /UN 100m Breastroke




Girls 13 /UN 200m Freestyle Team




Boys 15 /UN 200m Medley Team


Also congratulations to Kunmi Ogunfeibo who earned Top Male Swimmer in the 15/Un age group.

It was a great experience for all swimmers and parents, and the team spirit was fantastic from 6am when the coach left Beckenham, right through to 9pm when we arrived back. Thanks to all parents that travelled to show support and once again thank you and well done to all Coaches and Swimmers. A fantastic achievement!!


A summary of London Winter Waterpolo League 2013

22nd April 2013

This season Beckenham's Water Polo section entered U12, U14 and U16 teams in the London Winter League. The League draws clubs from across an area spreading well beyond the M25 ring and it serves as a good measure of the respective standings of clubs in the area. Our results were very good.

The U12 side finished 3rd of 6 behind winners Sutton and runners up Basildon.

The U16s were also 3rd, this time behind winners Watford and also Croydon.

At this age group there are many more teams and a total of 11 clubs were represented with some fielding two teams. Our star team was the U14s. They easily won their division with a playing record of played 8 won 8; goals for 62 goals against 14. They were the only team in all of the leagues to finish with a 100% record. The runners up were Watford and Sutton finished 3rd. Overall Beckenham was the only club to finish in the top three in all of these age groups so we can be very proud with these results. A huge "well done" goes to all of the players.

Simon Woolley

Development Squad Coach

Beckenham Water Polo


Kent County Championships 2013

12th April 2013

While March is always one of the busiest months of the year for Beckenham Swimming Club, this year it has been a bit special.

For, as well as 66 swimmers competing in the Kent County Championships in February and March, winning 390 medals and setting a clutch of new county records, six of the club’s top swimmers took part in the recent British International Open in Leeds against some of the finest swimmers in the world. And, to top that, two Beckenham swimmers were selected for international competition.

Luke Gunning, 15, won his age group race in the 200m Butterfly event in Leeds and has been chosen to represent the country in the European Youth Olympics in Utrecht in July. His team-mate Lauren Walton, 17, took part in both the 800m and 1500m freestyle events in Leeds and has secured her place in the GB squad in the 10K event in Portugal in May. The other swimmers to take part in this high-level Leeds meet were Michael Gregory, Michael Gunning, Natasha Sinha and Kunmi Ogunfeibo, several of whom made the finals in their own events and achieved personal best times. Kunmi set new Kent Junior and Open records, and a London Junior record, in the 50m backstroke, with a long-course time of 27.2 seconds.

The successes of the past few weeks prove that the club, which also has a thriving waterpolo section, has real depth of talent. Those participating in the county championships ranged in age from 9 to 21, taking part in 451 events, not including relay events. The club’s impressive tally of 390 individual and team medals, plus numerous trophies, included 78 Golds, 76 Silvers and 69 Bronze medals. Beckenham swimmers also achieved at least 10 individual event best performance times, and five relay event best performance times.

One of the youngest record-makers was Tamara-Elise Elliott, who set a new 100 Backstroke time in the 12 year age group of 1.07.64. She also set a new 200m Backstroke record of 2.24.54.

Many of the races were packed with drama and excitement, but one highlight was the age group relay races on the final day of competition. The boys’ 15-16 year and Junior freestyle and medley relay team not only won four heats and four finals in less than two hours, but they also set four new event records in their races.

Beckenham’s head coach, Tony Beckley, is thrilled with the club’s achievements at all levels, and is looking forward to taking at least 10 swimmers to the ASA National Finals in Sheffield in July and August. He said: “Our swimmers all work so hard, and really put in the effort. It is fantastic to see so many of them achieving at this level and they deserve very accolade they get.”

Beckley is now looking forward to leading a squad from Beckenham to Cardiff on April 20 for the finals of the Arena National Swimming League, where they will be up against some of the big city clubs from up and down the country.


A mother’s work…

12th April 2013

Spare a thought for the parents. While it is the swimmers who put in the long hours in the pool, both at the Spa and elsewhere, under the guidance of their coaches, and encouraged by their peers, it is the parents who have to run around providing an early-morning taxi service, shelling out for expensive kit, providing the right food when it is required. And watching anxiously on poolside as training sessions turn into competition, sometimes at a very high level.

This is not an easy role and one that few people think of when they sign up for Tadpoles or Development 1.

One mother who has had more than her fair share of watching anxiously on poolside is Gillian Gunning, mother of Michael and Luke, both prodigiously talented swimmers and, more importantly, hard workers in the water.

Both boys are butterfly swimmers first and foremost and Michael, 18, now has to watch out constantly as Luke, 15, puts him under pressure in big meet finals. Both boys qualified for and competed in the recent British International Open at Leeds, which included some of the finest swimmers in Europe and the rest of the world. They and four other Beckenham swimmers attended the meet with Tony Beckley, the club’s head coach.

For Luke, a good swim in Leeds could mean his first GB selection. His mother takes up the story:

“His time on the 200 fly was 2.05.85, and in the warm-up, Tony came up and sat next to me and said, ‘This is it Luke needs to win the fly in his age group to get on the team’. I said ‘Does he know that?’ and Tony said, ‘Yes, of course’.

“I was really glad that I was not sitting next to someone that I knew as I would be so embarrassed to look them in the eye. I was almost on the floor out of my seat, I came over in a hot sweat, which was not due to my age this time. I was so exhausted at the end of the race as, even though I cannot swim butterfly, I did on this occasion and when he won I collapsed in a ball, engulfed in happiness.”  

As a result of his age group win in Leeds, Luke has been selected to represent GB at the European Youth Olympics in Utrecht from July 14-19. Lauren Walton, who also swam at Leeds, has been selected for the GB 10K event in Portugal in May.

“Of course, we are all so proud of Luke,” says Gillian, “and Michael is over the moon that his ‘baby Luke’, as Michael always used to call him, has achieved this.”


Interview with Sean King, BSC Waterpolo Player & Olympian

22nd March 2013

GBWaterpoloblog talks to Sean King about life in Spain and the prospects of the GB men’s team. Sean started playing polo for Beckenham and Invicta in South London. In 2007 he moved to the high performance centre in Manchester to train full time and study History at University. After completing his degree he moved to Germany and played two seasons for SV Weiden in the German elite league. This took him up to the Olympics and then in need of a new challenge he moved to Navarra in Spain where he is currently playing. Navarra are 6th in the league and pushing strongly for a top 5 finish, enjoy…


Kent County Championships 2013

February & March 2013


Beckenham Swimmers and Coach to represent London Swimming in Barcelona

16th January 2013

Congratulations to coach Tony Beckley and swimmers Michael Gunning, Luke Gunning, Lauren Walton, Rebecca Walton, and Jack Beddoes for being selected to represent London Swimming at the Catalonian Open Swimming Championships in Barcelona on 18th January to 21st January 2013.

Congratulations !! Beckenham Swimmers Michael Gunning, Luke Gunning, Lauren Walton, Rebecca Walton, Jacj Beddoes and coach Tony Beckley representing London Swimming in Barcelona 2013.


Beckenham Swimming Club Make National League Final

12th January 2013

Well done to Beckenham Swimming Club for making the National League Final.


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